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Michigan ranked right in the middle for pedestrian safety

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents |

Driver behaviors are getting worse in Michigan and across the nation. Distraction, speeding, recklessness, negligence and ignoring the basics like stopping for red lights are making the roads more dangerous for everyone, but pedestrians are especially vulnerable.

They are more likely to suffer serious injuries and lose their lives. This can lead to an array of problems for them and their family. Understanding the problem is one thing, but knowing what to do after the accident has happened is another and it is important to have help.

Recent study puts Michigan 25th in rankings for pedestrian safety

In a new report called “Dangerous By Design,” states were ranked based on pedestrian safety. It looked at how many pedestrians lost their lives in crashes over a 5-year period. While some states were worse than others, this is a national problem. Michigan came in 25th.

Forty-six of the 50 states in the union saw an increase in pedestrian deaths. Since 2009, pedestrian deaths have grown by 62%. Part of this is attributed to the recent national crisis. With fewer drivers on the road and less law enforcement, drivers took that as an opening to behave in ways that they otherwise would not have and it caused more accidents and worse outcomes due to the severity of the crashes.

In 2020, The United States had an average of almost 18 pedestrian deaths each day with a total of over 6,500. This was a spike of 4.7% compared with the prior year. The numbers for 2021 have not been fully accrued and assessed, but the Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reported 7,485 pedestrian deaths for that year. This would be the worst total in 4 decades. Part of the problem is how roads are designed and researchers are trying to find solutions to enhance safety.

After a pedestrian accident, it is important to know legal rights

Many people are choosing to walk to get to their destinations. This may be due to an attempt to save money from skyrocketing gas prices, because of concerns about the environment or to keep in shape. Often, children are the victims of these pedestrian accidents.

People can find themselves with enormous medical bills, lost time on the job, need to care for an injured loved one or be forced to move forward after an unexpected death. The summer is a prime time for people to walk and with the number of pedestrian accidents, it is important to know the options in the aftermath. Being fully protected includes having experienced advice. This is a vital first step that should be taken as soon as possible.