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Church camper killed in boating accident in Hillsdale County

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Children love moving fast on the water. Unhappily, this love can often lead to tragic circumstances, including death. A recent example of this unhappy result was recently provided by the death of an eleven-year old girl in a boating accident at a camp in Hillsdale County.

The incident

Twelve children were riding on an inflatable “banana boat” that was been towed by a motorboat. An inflatable banana boat is essentially a long plastic tube shaped like a banana. The riders straddle the banana as it is towed across the water. Three of the children fell from the banana boat. When the driver of the motorboat realized that three of his young passengers were in the water, he circled back to pick them up.

As he returned to the spot where the three children were swimming, the boat struck one of the girls. The operator of the motorboat had apparently failed to see the girl swimming the water.

The girl was rushed to a nearby hospital, but she did not survive her injuries. According to representatives of the Michigan department of Natural Resources, the accident occurred on Lake Michindoh at a Christian camp operated by Michindoh Conference Center.

Claim for wrongful death

The family of the girl who died in this incident may have a claim for damages caused by the wrongful act of one of the potential parties. Developing this claim will, however, require further investigation. The age of the operator of the motorboat must be determined.

Had he received any training in operating a boat that was towing a banana boat? What effort did the camp make to investigate his background and training when he was hired? Was he an employee of the camp or merely a volunteer? Did the girl fall from the boat or was she pushed by another rider? Was the motorboat operating at a safe speed? Was the driver intoxicated at the time of the accident?

Consulting a person injury lawyer may be helpful

As this list of questions demonstrates, an experienced personal injury lawyer will be required to fully investigate the facts of the accident and develop a strategy for beginning and winning a successful lawsuit.