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How To Protect Yourself After An Accident

A car accident can have a devastating effect on the victims. A victim’s actions after an accident can help combat the consequences and improve the overall quality of their recovery and compensation for their injuries. Knowing what to do after an accident does not come naturally. Thankfully, you can get the guidance you need.

At Vahdat Weisman Law, we offer our clients the information and representation they need to pursue the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Our Michigan team is committed to your needs, including offering you the information you need before you meet with us. To help you after your accident, here are a few things you should be sure to do:

Get Medical Attention

Even if you were able to walk away from your accident, you might be suffering internal injuries. Allow a paramedic to check your condition at the accident, or even consult with a doctor to confirm the status of your health after your accident.

Call The Police

State law requires you to call the police in an accident where someone died, or if there is more than $1,000 in property damage. The resulting police report can also be a benefit to you in your personal injury claim.

Gather Evidence

The scene of an accident is full of evidence that you can easily collect. Photo and video footage of the accident, the driver’s insurance and license information, the make and model of their car, and any witness testimony can all become a major asset for you.

Report The Accident To Your Insurance

If you want your insurance company to compensate you for your injuries, they first need to know about it. Be sure to contact them to tell them that you were in an accident, but avoid saying much more without completing the final step.

Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury lawyer can help you take the next steps in your compensation claim, and they can also help you avoid saying or doing the wrong thing that could reduce or eliminate the compensation you deserve.

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