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Every year, serious accidents claim the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans. In Michigan, thousands of people lose their lives in catastrophic accidents caused by negligent, reckless and malicious actions. When a victim loses their life in an accident, the surviving family members are forced to endure overwhelming emotional and mental effects, but they are often forced to endure financial burdens as well.

Our lawyers at Vahdat Weisman Law have extensive experience helping grieving families get the justice they deserve after losing loved ones. Our team provides effective yet compassionate legal guidance to families that ensures they are able to move forward in the best position imaginable, considering the tragedy they have endured.

Filing A Wrongful Death Claim In Michigan

Losing a loved one can force families to pay tens of thousands of dollars to cover funeral costs. In many cases, the surviving family must also deal with the loss of the income from the deceased family member they have depended on. Although it can seem like nothing can make us whole again after losing a loved one unexpectedly, obtaining compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit can help families cover the financial burdens they face as they move forward and heal.

Like other states, Michigan has various laws that govern wrongful death claims, how they are filed and who is entitled to file a claim on behalf of a deceased victim. The laws in Michigan are found under Michigan Compiled Laws section 600.2922. When it comes to describing what a wrongful death claim is, it is best to view it in terms of getting justice for a personal injury.

Determining Who May File A Claim

In our state, victims who are injured in accidents caused by the negligent, reckless or malicious actions of others are able to file legal claims to obtain compensation to alleviate the financial burdens they face. Conversely, wrongful death claims are filed in the same manner as personal injury claims. However, an entitled party files the claim on behalf of the decedent because the victim is unable to do so himself or herself. Wrongful death claims are filed in civil courts by the estate or a family member of the deceased. In Michigan, parties entitled to file wrongful death claims include:

  • The spouse and children of the decedent
  • The parents or grandparents of the decedent
  • Brothers and sisters of the decedents
  • The children of a deceased person’s spouse (stepchildren)
  • Any party who inherits property in the decedent’s will

If none of these people are alive or if the decedent did not have a will, anyone who could inherit the decedent’s estate may receive damages by way of a wrongful death lawsuit, including aunts, uncles or cousins. Once the people named in the will or family members learn that a wrongful death lawsuit was filed, they have 60 days to notify the estate of any damages they have suffered consequent to the loss of the decedent. If the notice is not received in time, it can deprive the entitled parties of their ability to seek compensation for their losses.

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Generally, the law provides entitled parties three years to file wrongful death claims. The time period begins on the date of the death. Not filing a claim accurately or in a timely manner can greatly impact your ability to pursue legal options. As such, it is crucial that families and other entitled parties seek the legal guidance of a knowledgeable wrongful death attorney in Michigan as soon as possible.

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