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What if I’m injured in an accident with a government vehicle?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Getting into a car accident can be both terrifying and confusing. And when you’re injured in that accident, the pain is just beginning. You’ll have questions about what you can do and what you should do – including whether you should file a personal injury lawsuit. But what if it was a government employee who caused the accident?

Negligence in a nutshell

Personal injury lawsuits sometimes get a bad reputation for being ‘frivolous’, but they exist for a very good reason. Every driver on the road owes everyone else a duty to drive safely and reasonably. When they fail to do so, and cause an accident which injures another person, they are legally negligent. Michigan gives the victim of an accident the right to file a personal injury lawsuit, so that they can be made whole again. There’s nothing frivolous about restoring your life.

Sovereign immunity

No government can be sued without its consent, whether it’s Michigan or a local municipality. This is known as the doctrine of sovereign immunity and there are many circumstances under which Michigan cannot be sued. Fortunately, however, Michigan has waived its immunity with respect to vehicles driven by employees of government agencies. This means that a personal injury lawsuit can be brought against the employee or the agency itself.

There may, however, be limitations on the damages an agency can be required to pay, compared to those a private party may be responsible for. The mere fact that a government agency is involved can complicate matters in any number of different ways. If you’re the victim of an accident involving a government vehicle, speak to knowledgeable professional who is experienced in personal injury lawsuits – they can help you navigate the law and receive the compensation to which you are entitled.