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Parents, it’s time to get your teen driver ready for summertime

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2024 | Personal Injury |

When summer soon arrives, it will mark the start of what traffic safety experts call the “100 Deadliest Days.” This period runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. During these months, the number of crashes involving teenage drivers spikes significantly. That’s why it’s crucial for parents to begin preparing their teen drivers to remain safe on the roads well before summer starts. 

Teen drivers often have less road experience under their belts than adult motorists do, which can make driving safely a challenge, especially in busy summer traffic. This inexperience can lead to mistakes if they’re not prepared. As such, getting in practice in the spring months can help teens to better navigate the challenges of summer driving. 

What can you do to help your teen?

If you’re the parent of a relatively inexperienced teen driver, consider engaging in the following this spring, in anticipation of summer hazards:

  • Practice together: Spend time driving with your teen. Go on both short and long trips, and practice on different roads and at different times of day. This variety can help them learn how to handle various driving situations.
  • Set rules: Make clear rules about using phones, the number of friends in the car and where and when they can drive. Setting informed limits can reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Talk about risks: Discuss the serious risks of driving, like speeding and drinking alcohol. Make sure your teen knows how important it is to follow the law and make smart choices.

Additionally, you’ll want to keep in mind that teens learn a lot by watching their parents. When you’re driving, show good habits like wearing your seatbelt, following speed limits and not using your phone. This can set a positive example for your teen as you work to keep them safer in more “hands on” ways this spring.