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4 severe birth injuries that may be caused by medical negligence

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | Medical Malpractice |

Medical workers have a duty to provide a standard of care that minimizes the risk of birth injuries during childbirth. When medical negligence occurs, severe birth injuries can result, profoundly impacting both a newborn and their family.

Some of the birth injuries that can result from negligence by medical workers subject babies and their family to life-long physical, emotional and financial challenges. For example, the following are four severe birth injuries that can occur due to medical negligence.

Brain damage

Mishandling of the birthing process, improper use of birthing tools such as forceps or vacuum extractors, delayed cesarean section when necessary or failure to monitor fetal distress adequately can lead to brain damage in newborns. Oxygen deprivation during labor and delivery, known as birth asphyxia, is a common cause of brain damage due to medical negligence. This can result in conditions such as cerebral palsy, developmental delays, cognitive impairments and seizures, profoundly affecting the child’s quality of life and requiring extensive medical care and support.

Spinal cord injuries

Newborns are delicate and any mishandling during the birthing process can result in severe spinal cord injuries. Improper positioning of the baby, excessive force during delivery or failure to address complications promptly can lead to damage to the spinal cord, causing conditions such as paralysis or impaired motor function. Spinal cord injuries can have lifelong consequences, affecting the child’s ability to move, control bodily functions and participate in daily activities independently.

Skull fractures

If medical workers are not careful during delivery, they may mishandle the baby’s head, leading to skull fractures. Improper use of forceps or excessive traction during delivery can cause fractures to the delicate bones of the skull. Skull fractures can result in severe pain, swelling and, in some cases, intracranial bleeding or brain injury. These injuries can have long-term consequences, including developmental delays, cognitive impairments and neurological deficits, impacting the child’s overall health and well-being.

If you believe that your child has suffered a severe birth injury due to medical negligence, it’s crucial to seek legal guidance promptly. Legal counsel can help you understand your rights and options for seeking compensation to cover the extensive medical expenses, ongoing care and other damages resulting from the negligence.