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What are a pedestrian’s options after a hit-and-run?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Hit-and-run accidents are too common.

Although Michigan law prohibits it, too many drivers will simply leave the scene of an accident if they can. For whatever reason, they refuse to take responsibility for their part in the accident.

This can be a disaster when a driver takes off after striking a pedestrian. Pedestrian accidents are often extremely serious because of the size difference between an unprotected person and a car.

Unfortunately, because pedestrians usually fare worse in car accidents, the driver of the car may be especially tempted to drive off rather than stop.

If this happens, a victim, or a victim’s surviving family, may be left with no means to pay their medical bills and other costs. A hit-and-run may also leave family without a breadwinner’s income.

While a Detroit-area resident may hope the police find the responsible driver, hit-and-run accidents do go unsolved. Even if the police do catch up with the driver, the driver may have no insurance and no other way to pay compensation.

A victim or the family may have to find other ways to recover compensation

While there have been recent changes, Michigan still has a robust no-fault insurance system.

A victim or the family may be able to recover compensation by requesting no-fault benefits through their own insurance carrier. They will have to file a claim with their insurance company and prove their damages.

Sometimes, the insurance company may deny the claim or not pay the compensation a victim needs. Victims and their families should evaluate their legal options in these cases. They do not have to accept the insurance company’s position.

They should also be aware that other people or businesses may be responsible for the accident besides the hit-and-run driver. A careful investigation into the accident could turn up additional paths which a victim can use to pursue compensation.