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5 causes of nighttime motorcyclist dangers

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motorcyclists often suffer more injuries from car accidents than people in cars because they don’t have the same protective gear. Thousands of motorcyclists suffer from injuries every year. 

A motorcyclist may have a higher chance of suffering from injuries at night since half of all vehicle accidents happen when the sun is down. Here are some common nighttime dangers for motorcyclists

1. A driver is distracted

A distraction can cause a driver to look away from the road and take their hands off the wheel. Because motorcycles are often harder to see at night, a driver who is distracted may not notice a motorcyclist on the road and cause an accident. Some common distractions include texting and driving, changing the AC and talking to passengers.

2. A driver isn’t using their lights

When a driver doesn’t use their lights, it creates two issues. One, a driver lowers their visibility on the road when they don’t use their lights. Two, a motorcyclist may not notice a car that doesn’t have its lights on. At night, this is a deadly combination. 

3. A diver is drowsy

Many people get tired while driving at night. This can be caused by not getting enough sleep, medications or exhaustion from work. A drowsy driver may have impaired visibility and a lowered ability to react to obstacles on the road, such as motorcycles. A drowsy driver could also fall asleep and injure others.

4. A driver is speeding

Many drivers break speed limits at night when there’s less traffic and police presence. Speeding can make it harder for drivers to control their vehicles. If a driver doesn’t see a motorist while speeding, they may not stop their vehicle in time.

5. A driver is drunk

Many people leave bars at night. Drinking and driving, however, is incredibly dangerous and against the law. A motorist could suffer from an accident, for example, if a drunk driver ran a red light, served between lanes or suddenly stopped their vehicle. 

If you’ve been injured while riding your motorcycle due to another driver’s mistakes, legal guidance can help you get all the compensation you are due.