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Could distraction explain an unexplained crash?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you are struggling to explain why a crash happened, it is worth considering whether the other driver was distracted. They probably won’t admit to it because they know that will harm their chances of compensation. Yet they might also not admit to it because they did not consider themselves distracted.

Many people only equate distraction with phone use, so a driver may feel they were not distracted because they were not using their phone. Yet distraction can come from so many places that most drivers are guilty of it at some point.


Talking to someone else in the car diverts attention from the road. Turning to look at them means your eyes are not on the road, and using a hand to gesture means that hand is not available to steer the vehicle.

The radio or GPS

Drivers should ideally set these up before departing and leave them alone while driving. It’s natural to want to adjust the volume, change the channel or search for a better route if you get into a traffic jam. However, all those adjustments take a hand from the wheel (unless the controls are on the wheel itself) and the eyes from the road. In addition, they also require a bit of thought, which takes attention away from the road.

Food, drink and other things

Hungry? Thirsty? Lips feeling dry? About to sneeze? Solving the problem requires reaching for something, be it food, drink, lip balm or a tissue. These things are all distractions.

Someone only needs to be distracted for a second to cause a crash. If they injure you, you’ll want to learn how to hold them responsible.