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When are the riskiest times to be a pedestrian?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2024 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Walking to places is free and it helps you to stay healthy. A vehicle hitting you will negate both of those benefits. While most pedestrians will go their whole lives without a driver hitting them, it only takes one driver to kill you or leave you with life-changing injuries.

The National Safety Council has determined that certain times of day and days of the week are more dangerous for pedestrians. Or, to put it another way, drivers pose a greater threat to pedestrians at certain times.

The hours of darkness are the most dangerous

It is harder for drivers to see things when it is dark, including people on foot. While street lights certainly help, they do not provide the same levels of illumination that may be experienced during the day. Older drivers, in particular, can struggle to see at night. Researchers believe this is because the rod cells that allow humans to see in low light weaken with age.

Friday and Saturday nights are the worst of all

Friday and Saturday are the most popular nights of the week to go out. Many consume alcohol when they do, sometimes significant quantities of it. A tipsy or drunk pedestrian may be less careful and do something like step out into the road without looking. Yet the biggest threat is drunk drivers. They are the ones in charge or a vehicle with the ability to kill multiple people in one go.

Accidents can happen, even though it’s rare that a driver sets out to intentionally harm a pedestrian. All the same, driving is a significant responsibility. If you’re injured due to a motorist’s failure to honor their responsibility, you may benefit from exploring your legal rights and options accordingly.